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How exercising outside boosts your mental health

Whether you assume the astronomical start of spring on March 20 or the meteorological start on March 1, one thing is certain: we are all happy that the days are getting longer and the green is showing again. Spring not only means more sun, more light and new life, but it also offers the perfect opportunity to combine your workout in the gym with a workout in nature. In this blog, Rémon Koetje, Lifestyle coach and trainer at Happy Bodies, delves into the many benefits of training outside for your mental health.

The magic of nature

At Happy Bodies we strongly believe in the power of diversity in your training. Indoor sports are often very efficient, but nature has that calming effect on the mind. Research shows that spending time in nature, even if it's just in a park in the city, can help lower your stress levels and improve your mood. The greenery around you and the fresh air can do wonders for your mental well-being. To get the most out of your sporting efforts, combine your indoor training with outdoor sports – whether that's running, cycling, playing tennis or leisurely walking, it doesn't matter. The power lies in the combination.

The sun as a natural boost for your mood

We all love the sun, but 'ordinary' daylight also plays an important role in how we feel. Not only does it provide us with much-needed vitamin D, it also helps regulate our internal clock. That can lead to both better sleep as a happier feeling. A daily dose of daylight can really help you feel the energy of spring and boost your mood. Physical activity, whether it's a gentle walk or an intense run, stimulates the production of endorphins, your so-called happiness hormones. Exercising outdoors multiplies this effect, because it stimulates the senses and helps you to really be in the moment.

A new routine for spring

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your fitness routine and add some new activities. Maybe it's time to dust off those running shoes, give your bike a tune-up, or try yoga in the park. Experiment with what makes you happy and you'll probably find that you stick with it more.

Discover the power of the Milon circle at Happy Bodies

In addition to the fresh air and energy of spring, Happy Bodies offers the perfect addition to your fitness routine with the Milon circle. With two additional short sessions of 35 minutes every ten days you combine the best of both worlds: the freedom of outdoor exercise with the effectiveness and personal approach of training at Happy Bodies. With us you will find a place where you can be yourself, and you will always receive appropriate and professional guidance. The Milon circle is adapted to your personal needs, without the risk of injuries.

Knowing more?

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