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Happy Bodies is the alternative to the normal gym, through the revolutionary Milon Circle.

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What members say

Based on 106 reviews
Marieke Barnhoorn
Mary Barnhoorn
What a nice gym! Super guidance, friendly staff and always 100% clean. Keep it up
Heda Willems
Hey Willems
Efficient and effective training in a small but cozy atmosphere with professional trainers. I came here to feel more energetic and fit. I never lasted anything, but because this training only takes 35 minutes, it is really sustainable and I feel fitter. In addition to the circuit, there are also devices for stretching / stretching. Very nice.
Ruud Moonen
Ruud Moonen
Nice gym with great guidance.
Karianne Donkers-Klijn
Karianne Donkers-Klijn
Nice fun gym. Good personal devices, so that there is as little risk of overload as possible. Very nice, everyone talks nicely to each other. Afterwards you can chat while enjoying a cup of drink. I didn't have such a high opinion of gyms, but I should have done this subscription much sooner at this gym.
Juf Groen
Miss Green
Great gym, the staff are always customer oriented and helpful. Since I started working out here, I've had really good results.