Slimmer Bewegen

Move smarter


Move smarter

With this new way of fitness at the Milon Circle you will become (again) fit & slim in just 2 times 35 minutes every 10 days. Do you want to start exercising, lose weight or get fitter in a safe and pleasant environment? But do you keep putting off taking the first step to the gym? Then get to know Happy Bodies.

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<left>Wat is Slimmer Bewegen?</left>

What is Smarter Movement?

Happy Bodies helps its members achieve their goals in a smart and time efficient way. Through 'the Milon Circle' we help our members to become and stay fitter with a fitness schedule where you train once every 5 days.

This way of fitness, in combination with the latest and most effective Milon equipment, gives us the opportunity to achieve optimal results during these workouts. It is therefore no longer necessary to work up a sweat every day.

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Sports at Happy Bodies

How exactly does that work, fitter and more energetic in 35 minutes at a time, once every 5 days?

The secret: 'the Milon Circle'

The Milon Circle, combined with your personal coach as the accountability factor, makes Happy Bodies the best alternative to normal gyms. Relatively short training sessions, the latest equipment and a cozy and friendly environment with an involved team.

At Happy Bodies you get a personal account that you can use on all devices. This way you can easily keep track of your progress and you can manage this in order to achieve an optimal result together.

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