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Happy Bodies Franchise

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Nummer 1 cirkel boutique van Nederland
Number 1 circle boutique in the Netherlands

Uitgeroepen tot 1 van de top 250 snelstgroeiende bedrijven in Nederland
Named 1 of the top 250 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands

Een ervaren management team
An experienced management team

26 locaties door heel Nederland
26 locations throughout the Netherlands

What do Franchisees say

Janne-Mieke & Paul || Happy Bodies Uden

"Everyone has the same goal in mind and is fully committed to it. All in all, a good choice that we made."

Janne-Mieke & Paul || Happy Bodies Uden

Michel || Happy Bodies Lisse

“On Monday evening immediately after our opening weekend, we had already registered 122 new members with a year or two-year subscription! Really unbelievable”

Michelle || Happy Bodies Lisse

Michael & John || Happy Bodies Sassenheim

“By opening a branch in Sassenheim, we hope to offer people from the region the opportunity to lead a fit and healthier life.”

Michael & John || Happy Bodies Sassenheim


Happy Bodies Franchise

Happy Bodies Lifestyleclubs is still a relatively young but very successful player in the fast-growing market of so-called “boutique fitness clubs”.

Thanks to our many years of experience and a good view of the market, we have managed to start up a number of very profitable clubs in a short time. In line with this, we want to accelerate growth by further expanding our proven total concept through a franchise formula.

Read more about the Happy Bodies franchise, the concept, and what makes Happy Bodies so interesting.

The most frequently asked questions about Happy Bodies Franchise

Happy Bodies aims to get national coverage, so that we can help everyone in the Netherlands become and stay fitter and more vital. And at the same time offer an alternative to the "normal" gym in an accessible setting.
1. Happy Bodies is a distinctive fitness concept. The alternative to the ''normal'' gym. For anyone who does not want to train for hours in a weight room, but would like to move in a nice luxurious setting.
2. Support: Happy Bodies Backoffice takes care of the complete membership administration, marketing & sales training, so that you are completely unburdened in that area and you can fully focus on your "core business"; guiding your members in the club!
3. Scalable concept: the Happy Bodies concept is a hard franchise model. Once you have a branch, any subsequent locations can be set up relatively quickly and in the same way.
4. One of the fastest growing circle boutique concepts in the Netherlands.
Happy Bodies originated from a clear vision and years of experience by experienced entrepreneurs from the fitness industry. As a result, processes, partners and products have been carefully and professionally merged. The power of cooperation and mutual reinforcement flows seamlessly from this.
Happy Bodies also focuses on an ever-growing target group: the less active (35+) athletes! This market is getting bigger and bigger, because of the small scale combined with optimum safety of our unique concept, this perfectly matches the (growing) demand from the market.
You need at least € 50,000 of your own money (starting capital). Most franchisees then opt for an additional loan and/or crowdfunding to supplement the remaining part. It is of course also possible to invest entirely with your own resources.
A premium boutique club from Happy Bodies requires an investment of approximately € 150,000. This includes matters such as renovation & furnishing and start-up losses. The equipment can be brought in via a lease construction in which we supervise the process.
Happy Bodies strives for a long, sustainable and, above all, pleasant cooperation with its franchisees. The term of an agreement is 5 years, with subsequent extensions of 5 years.
It is of course important for both parties to have clearly and transparently mapped out all matters relating to the collaboration from both sides before the collaboration starts.
Before the doors of your new Happy Bodies lifestyle club open, the entire team is fully trained from the Happy Bodies Academy in the field of lead follow-up, sales, marketing, management, the means of communication to be used and the Milon concept. At opening (opening weekend), some of the best sales people within Happy Bodies are deployed to ensure a "flying start" together with your team. This is followed by two weekly consultations with the regional manager, who keeps a close eye on all processes and adjusts them where necessary.
Every 6 - 8 weeks there is consultation between the management and the franchisee. There is a consultation with all franchisees once a quarter. And last but not least: we are constantly working on concept development, which of course benefits you as a franchisee!
If you are seriously interested in talking to us, we would first like to know more about you. You have already received our Inspiration Folder in advance. As soon as we have received the intake form, we will contact you (by telephone). Based on this conversation, a follow-up appointment will be made on location or not.
You will first receive an NDA 1 (non-disclosure agreement) in advance, on the basis of which we will send you an abbreviated manual and a calculation tool. This allows us to fill in some key figures together in a follow-up process that are based on your situation.
If your and our interest is such that we both want to start working together, you will sign a 2nd NDA. You will then receive the complete Happy Bodies Franchise manual and you have now received all the information from us to implement your own business plan with ditto revenue model.
Happy Bodies obviously has a view of the "white spots" in the Netherlands where there are still opportunities to start a successful lifestyle club. Usually, a franchisee already has a location in mind.
Based on our criteria, we check whether the location is really suitable. A good location is “key” so we take a critical look at this.
Yes, provided that the conditions of the local conditions for entry are met (including the club itself, the environment, the equipment, etc.)
Yes, provided that the conditions of the local conditions for entry are met (including the club itself, the environment, the equipment, etc.)
Romano is responsible for the recruitment & selection of our potential franchisees. His email address is You can also fill in the form below.