Vitaal oud worden

Aging vitally

<left>Is leeftijd slechts een getal?</left>

Is age just a number?

Being and staying vital is important for all ages. With the Milon Circle at Happy Bodies we help our members to realize this. Curious about our approach? Take the membership test and find out what Happy Bodies has to offer you.

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Why you need real training

We want to make our fitness and health training accessible to everyone. Why? Because everyone needs real training! Unfortunately, hardly anyone is aware of this. There is no thought about the consequences of a sedentary and comfortable daily life. If that were the case, the decision to exercise regularly would be made earlier and more consciously.

From the age of 25, the human body begins to lose muscle strength if this process is not actively counteracted with strength training. First, the body loses 1-15% from muscle mass, in subsequent years it is already 40-50%.

The first sign that something is going wrong is pain. On average at the age of 40, the pain becomes really disturbing. At this point, people are often already used to the wrong movement patterns because certain daily activities can only be performed to a limited extent. Moving becomes more and more difficult and more and more painful.

At retirement age, normally a time to enjoy, we become dependent on outside help – not only because of the physical but also because of the mental deterioration.

The WHO has recognized Sarcopenia, the progressive decline in muscle mass and strength with aging, as a clinical condition. They indicate that there is only one cure: strength training. We believe it is our duty as an industry to make all people aware of this. Everyone is able to achieve a better quality of life with targeted, individual training. And that to a very old age. The graph below shows the loss of muscle strength according to age and how this can subsequently affect the quality of life of everyone. Take timely action and grow old vitally.

More quality of life at any age

People move less and less. Our society is focused on comfort. If you also want to live in old age without physical and mental limitations and want to keep your quality of life high for a long time, there is no other alternative than good training. The basis of a good training consists of three things: muscle, mobility and brain training.

Exercise alone cannot save you from age-related muscle and cartilage breakdown. You need strength training for that. Targeted and controlled strength training with dosed growth stimuli makes everyone stronger and healthier.

However, muscle strength alone does not protect against pain. For example, sitting for hours shortens the muscles and fascia. Regular mobility and muscle length training will help keep the fascia and muscle chains flexible and supple, thus preventing pain.

Each physical training session taxes the brain, more than, for example, your daily work behind the computer or solving crossword puzzles. Regular physical training contributes to the prevention of dementia and helps to maintain independence and freedom of movement into old age.

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