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Happy Bodies, the alternative to the normal gym thanks to:

1. Personal guidance on every visit
2. Results guaranteed
3. Finally a way you can maintain

Don't procrastinate any longer. And book your trial training without obligation!

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The fitness trial is the easiest way to start with fitness at Happy Bodies. And with Flex per Month, you are not immediately tied to a subscription.

Therefore, fill in your details now and click on 'Request trial trianing'. We will reach out to you personally within one working day.

Frequently asked Questions:

Yes, 100%. You will experience Happy Bodies yourself and get a proper taste of the atmosphere at the club. Above all: you can find out for yourself whether Happy Bodies suits you or not.
No, no risk, just get to know each other without obligation.
Afterwards, you can share your experience with us and when the Happy Bodies method suits you, you can simply let the coach know whether you would like to start with a regular membership.
When you want to become a member, we will together determine which membership or program suits your needs best. You can opt for a full Flex membership (which can be canceled monthly) or a financially more advantageous membership for 12 months or more.

What our members say


"Simple yet effective. You insert the card into the device and it is immediately set to your measurements and level."



"Because the machines are automatically set to your personal settings and fitness level, it is even possible for me to exercise without injury."



"Because of the advanced technique, training with the Milon Circle is a lot less prone to injury than training with free weights."



To your fitness trial training in 3 easy steps

Step 1 Tap the 'Request trial training' button below, fill in your details and tap 'Send'.

Step 2 We will contact you within 1 working day to invite you for a trial training.

Step 3 Come experience the trial training on the agreed day and time and discover how well you feel at home at Happy Bodies.

Tijd voor een gezondere leefstijl?

Time for a healthier lifestyle?

The 3 promises of Happy Bodies

1. Our lifestyle coaches are ready for you at any time
2. Result with 35 minutes of training twice every 10 days
3. Easily achieve your goals in a pleasant, exclusive environment

Want to start fitness without being tied to a subscription? Happy Bodies is the alternative to the normal gym. Choose from Flex per month or cheaper for a longer period. Book your no-obligation trial training now and come and experience the atmosphere and get to know each other.


The alternative to the normal gym.