Happy Bodies: The alternative to the regular gym

Happy Bodies offers a new way of keeping fit in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Heemstede and Overveen; the Milon Circle, the alternative for the regular gym. You can achieve results* by going to the gym just once every 5 days and working out for only 35 minutes each training. Come and Experience The Milon Circle first hand!

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Happy Bodies has opened a new lifestyleclub in Amsterdam South. If you live in this area and want to start exercising in a fun and slow pace, then come and claim your free month membership! Claim 1 of 100 free months memberships today!

*If you are not satisfied with your results, Happy Bodies offers a unique Money Back Guarantee!

You can achieve results by using The Milon Circle and that will motivate you. If you are not satisfied, we have a unique Money Back Guarantee! Our only condition is: make us a commitment to use the Milon Circle 20 times in 90 days and exercise 35 minutes each visit. If you are not satisfied with the revolutionary Milon Circle, Happy Bodies will give you your money back, without any fuss!

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Happy Bodies has a special offer for their new members ; one month's Free Membership! Just fill in your name, e-mail and telephone number in order to stake your claim. We will contact you to make an appointment without obligation.

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