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Is working out at Happy Bodies right for me?

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At Happy Bodies we have several memberships, including a membership that can be canceled flexibly per month. Wondering which membership is right for you? Take the unique online membership test now. A test, consisting of 6 questions, with which we can tell you exactly whether Happy Bodies suits you.

What makes Happy Bodies special

With this new way of fitness at the Milon Circle you will become (again) fit & slim in just 2 times 35 minutes every 10 days. Always under the guidance of your own personal coach. Do you want to start exercising, lose weight or get fitter in a safe and pleasant environment? But do you keep putting off taking the first step to the gym? Meet Happy Bodies!

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This test is completely voluntary. This way you are not committed to anything, but you do receive tailor-made advice. Filling in only takes 1 minute.

What our members say


"Because the equipment is set to your level, it is even possible for me to exercise without injury."



"Because of the advanced technique, training with the Milon Circle is a lot less prone to injury than training with free weights."



"Since January 18, I have lost almost 10 kilos of FAT: I notice it in my stomach (which I no longer have)..."



"In 2 rounds on the Milon Circle a complete workout for all muscle groups."