The best treatment for every complaint

Voor elke klacht de beste behandeling

  • Personal, with optimal results

  • No referral needed and an appointment quickly

  • The best treatment for every complaint

Sports at Happy Bodies

With this new way of fitness at the Milon Circle you will become (again) fit & slim in just 2 times 35 minutes every 10 days. Do you want to start exercising, lose weight or get fitter in a safe and pleasant environment? But do you keep putting off taking the first step to the gym? Then get to know Happy Bodies.

Personal physiotherapy with optimal results!

Are you looking for an expert, results-oriented physiotherapist? Then you've come to the right place, available at almost every Happy Bodies lifestyle club. We use up-to-date forms of treatment that achieve a better and faster result. If you need any help regarding your injury, you are very welcome to consult our physiotherapists. Please contact the location directly to check whether there is a physiotherapist available at the club. If not ? Then there is always a Happy Bodies location nearby that does have a physiotherapist.

The best treatment for every complaint

You can contact us for any form of physiotherapy. For example, joint complaints: such as neck (including whiplash), shoulder (including frozen shoulder), elbow/wrist/hand, back, pelvis, knee, ankle and foot complaints, arthrosis, etc.; Carpal tunnel syndrome; CANS (RSI) complaints; chronic conditions: such as lung complaints (COPD), cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes, cancer, rheumatism, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), osteoporosis, chronic fatigue (CSV), depression, etc.; rehabilitation: such as after hip or knee surgery; sports rehabilitation: such as after sports injuries or for a better sports performance; rehabilitation after TIA; scar treatment.

No need for a referral from your doctor (GP), contact our location to schedule an appointment!

You can make an appointment with or without a referral letter from your (general practitioner).


All physiotherapists have contracts with health insurers and almost always claim directly from your insurer, but of course you always remain responsible for payment. Therefore, ask your health insurer carefully how many treatments are reimbursed and how payment is arranged. This way you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Quality register

Naturally, all physiotherapists in the Happy Bodies lifestyle clubs are registered in the Central Quality Register of the KNGF (Royal Dutch Association for Physiotherapy).