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Stans: 'Happy Bodies is a bull's eye'

Stans Lammerse from Limburg has been struggling with back problems since she was seven. Mensendieck brought her little, at most a thorough dislike of exercise. As an adult, she tried out several gyms, but it was always short-lived. In 2022, her back problems took on such forms that doing nothing was no longer an option. Stans: 'I went to Happy Bodies and there I finally found what I was looking for.'

Fall down the stairs

I was born and raised in Limburg. When I was three, I fell down the stairs in the factory where my father worked. I was walking downstairs with a bucket and broom, when the broomstick ended up in my boot. Since then I have had back problems. Mensendieck should reduce the complaints, but the only thing that left me with that is a great dislike for exercising. When I was 19 I fell down the stairs again, resulting in a hernia and major surgery. Then the exercises started again, but I still hated it.

Back to the gym after two months

Already in my adolescence I wanted to escape Limburg. I ended up in The Hague and found work in family care. Through a number of wanderings I ended up in the graphics department of Shell. There I met my husband and this is how this Limburger eventually ended up in Heemstede in North Holland. With back pain, still. I did feel that exercise was good for me and I tried it more than once. I think many people recognize that: then you take out a membership for two years at one of the large chains and after two months you have seen it again. For example, I went to various gyms in Heemstede, but it was always a drama.

Short, clear and efficient training

Last year my back problems got so bad that I had to do something. I went to Happy Bodies Heemstede and that was a hit. Since then I've been going to exercise every Tuesday and Thursday morning. It is very conscious that I go in the morning, if I plan it later in the day, I quickly think: never mind. It is nice that it is a short, clear and varied program. Nothing twenty minutes on the treadmill, or an hour staring into nothingness on the bicycle. Train your entire body in the Milon circle in six 35-minute workouts a month. Super efficient.

The right incentive

My back remains a vulnerable place – I call it my eggshell – but I can't help but admit that it relieves my back problems. Happy Bodies is a bit more expensive than the big gym chains, but it does me so much good and fits well into my life. It is an investment in my health and there is no price tag on it. You really get your money's worth here. Moreover, a cheap subscription that you don't use is ultimately also wasted money. My regular supervisor is Rémon Koetje. He stimulates me in just the right way and is very interested in my progress and how I feel. I regularly get a pat on the back when I do well. Rémon listens carefully to me and if something is too much or doesn't feel right for my back, he adjusts the program. He deserves a big compliment!

Knowing more?

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