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Fitting sports into a busy life? That's how it works

Centipede Gert Jan Straatsma knows better than anyone what a busy life is. In addition to being a franchisee of six Happy Bodies locations, he is an international sales manager at Online in Europe and the father of three adult children. Still, he is convinced that everyone can fit sport into their lives: 'Doing nothing is not an option, we have learned that over the past two years. You can get and stay fit with just two 35-minute workouts every ten days.' In this blog, Gert Jan explains why the Happy Bodies formula works so well.

Interesting formula

A good friend of mine had four gyms that worked with the Milon circle. He was looking for a partner in the region where I live to open four more locations. I do sport myself – I golf and mountain bike – but as an entrepreneur my background is in telecom, not in the sports industry. Still, I found it interesting from a commercial point of view. We started to orient ourselves and came into contact with the Happy Bodies franchise formula. We liked the idea of being able to be completely unburdened in terms of formula, back office, administration and brand building. After a few good conversations, we took the step. With four entrepreneurs we now run six Happy Bodies branches: in Leusden, Amersfoort Emiclaer, Utrecht Leidsche Rijn, Veenendaal, Ede and Almere Poort

Nice to be part of group

We opened the branches at the beginning of 2019. After four months of operation, we were able to close the doors again. That caused some headaches. Then you see the added value of the Happy Bodies formula. We have drawn up a very strong plan with all Happy Bodies branches that have enabled us to limit the damage. Yes, at such a moment you are really happy to be part of such a group of smart and hard-working entrepreneurs, and that we can use each other's expertise and strength.

Efficient training in two times 35 minutes per ten days

The Happy Bodies formula is mainly aimed at people who do not feel at home in a traditional gym. It is a place for everyone: fit or less fit, too light, too heavy, with or without a disability, everyone can come to us. Not only are our coaches well trained, our equipment – the Milon circle – also ensures that everyone can exercise safely. That Milon circle is really the core of our six branches, and we focus completely on that. In this way, people can work on their health with two times 35 minutes of training every ten days, under good supervision. It is not at all necessary to work on your washboard five times a week. That is also not realistic, especially if you have a busy life. But doing nothing about your health is not an option either. The past two years have taught us that.

Knowing more?

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