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I can fit those 35 minutes into my agenda

Huub Hoogeveen is an entrepreneur with a packed agenda. Physical exertion equates to relaxation for him. Because a team sport is difficult to fit into such a busy life, Huub started looking for an individual sport. Four years ago he came to Happy Bodies in Alkmaar. In this blog he explains why he likes it so much.

Clear your mind

I am co-founder of the MooiHuys real estate agency and I also provide project sales and advice for Easy Living Portugal. That ensures that I have a busy life and that I have to keep a lot of balls in the air. Physical exertion equals relaxation for me. That way I can really clear my head. My heart is in team sports, especially volleyball, but that is difficult to achieve with my busy schedule.

Sports when it suits me

To keep fit, I went looking for a good fitness school. Then at least I can exercise when it suits me. That is sometimes early in the morning, then again in the afternoon or evening. From volleyball I had already become acquainted with the large fitness centers, but that is not for me. Through Facebook I came into contact with Happy Bodies in Alkmaar. I took the plunge and made an appointment. I did say right away that I actually have nothing to do with those devices. Before I became a member, I wanted to try a lesson first and that was no problem at all.

Log in and get started

It took some getting used to, but I've been training three times a week for about four years now. Those 35 minutes that are manageable, I can always fit that into my agenda somewhere. What is also very nice is that I log in and the devices are immediately set correctly, to my height and my training level. No hassle with dumbbells and weights that the person in front of you has left behind. Everything is correct. The trainers also know very well what their members need. Some people really need to be motivated, I don't need that and they know it. But it's nice that they are there, that they provide guidance where needed. Yes, they really know their stuff and that's nice.

Knowing more?

Curious how you can work on your body in two times 35 minutes every ten days, under the guidance of your own personal lifestyle coach? Even if you have physical complaints? Then do the membership test and sign up for a free personal introductory meeting and tour of the club. Want to bet that you are immediately sold?

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