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The step between a large gym and a personal trainer

Frank Reijn has been working in the fitness industry for almost 30 years. So you can safely say that he is an old hand in the business. At the end of 2019 he made the switch to Happy Bodies. He fell for the concept because effective training in 35 minutes with the Milon circle is the solution for a large group of people. In this blog, Frank explains who he is and why he thinks Happy Bodies is the perfect middle ground between the mass of large-scale gyms and the price tag that comes with a personal trainer.

From DJ to own fitness club

In 1993 I more or less rolled into the fitness industry. My wife at the time gave aerobics lessons, but there were far too few good music mixes available. What isn't there should be there, I thought, so I started working as an independent DJ and producer of music mixes for all kinds of sports lessons. It wasn't long before I started teaching fitness classes myself and in 1996 I started my own fitness center. At one point in that fitness center we also worked with the Milon circle, the fully automatic circle with fitness equipment that Romano used in his previous blog already told. I met Jibbe, one of the three owners of Happy Bodies, at Milon Benelux and he told me about the concept he and his partners had created with Happy Bodies. That sounded like music to my ears. In 2020 I decided to start working as a franchisee and started a club in Noordwijk.

Perfect middle ground

What's really nice about the concept of Happy Bodies is that it's the perfect middle ground between the masses of the large-scale gyms and the price tag that hangs on a personal trainer. In many large gyms there is indeed guidance, but that is often one-off and certainly not intensive and tailor-made. On the other hand, not everyone can afford a personal trainer, which generally comes with a hefty price tag. With Happy Bodies we combine the best of both worlds. You pay a lot less than for a personal trainer and still get the personal guidance that many people appreciate.

Personal guidance, without the price tag of a personal trainer

Our guidance is very intensive. In any case, you will first have two appointments with your coach, to ensure that all equipment and all exercises exactly suit your wishes and your body. In the beginning we just walk with you all the way. This way we can provide an explanation where necessary and we can adjust something if necessary. After that, we schedule another five appointments, so that you get into a good sports rhythm. Just like with a personal trainer, we are that friendly but urgent stick behind the door to really go to your training. Every seven training sessions we evaluate how you are doing and your fat percentage and muscle mass are measured. If necessary, we will adjust your schedule. We don't let anyone mess around and make sure you keep making progress.

Smart nutrition app

Recently, we at Happy Bodies also started working with a smart nutrition app, with which we can draw up a personal nutrition schedule. Nutrition is very important when you exercise, whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle or lose fat. With more than two thousand recipes and a personal daily menu, everyone can work on their goals together with the coach. We take this into account macronutrients, allergies, food preferences and preparation time.

Knowing more?

Curious how you can work on your body in two times 35 minutes every ten days, under the guidance of your own personal lifestyle coach? Even if you have physical complaints? Then do the free one membership test and sign up for a free personal introductory meeting and tour of the club. Want to bet that you are immediately sold?

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