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'The bike ride there is still the biggest challenge'

Porgy Franssen is an actor and director, known for film, television and theater. Fitness is certainly not his biggest hobby, but at Happy Bodies he finally keeps up with the sport. 'Those 35 minutes of training are manageable.'

Never go to the gym again

Years ago I started working out at one of the well-known large fitness clubs. I hated it, and after about four workouts I decided never to exercise again in my life. But yes, you get older and you still want to stay in shape. When I read something about Happy Bodies, it immediately appealed to me. I like their philosophy, as well as the fact that you can train your entire body in 35 minutes. I once went to Happy Bodies in Amsterdam South and was immediately convinced. The atmosphere is pleasant, it is small-scale and it is all very clear. For the first time in my life I manage to keep up exercising.

Swimming in the canal

The only obstacle I have in getting to Happy Bodies is the distance. I have to cycle for fifteen minutes to exercise, which is actually my biggest challenge, even though cycling is very healthy. I'm a bit dreading winter, but on the other hand: I swim here every morning at eight o'clock in the Amsterdam canal. That bit of cycling in the winter actually fits into my strategy of braving the cold.

Absolutely hate cardio

I have recently started working about eighty percent less, so I can plan my sports sessions well. I do the Milon circle twice, the ideal combination of strength training and cardio. I actually hate cardio, but you should do the things that you have the most difficulty with. The Milon circle helps me with that.

Knowing more?

Curious how you too get more energy by training twice for 35 minutes every ten days, under the guidance of your own personal lifestyle coach? Even if you have physical complaints? Then do the membership test and register for a free personal introductory meeting and tour of the club. We bet you, just like Porgy, are immediately sold?