Pain Free exercises to help with existing problems caused by a sitting posture

People who spend the majority of their time at desk jobs, on the sofa or in the car will eventually suffer from pain in their Necks, Shoulders, and/or Hips. Happy Bodies provides solutions to help minimise these complaints or to prevent these problems in the future.

Five helps to exercise and move while being Pain  Free

Five is the solution to a sitting posture. Anyone who leads an inactive lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting will eventually find the natural movements that we do all day become less easy to do. They will suffer from back, neck, shoulder and hip ailments. Five minimises and heals mild to severe pain. Five also works against arthrosis and joint problems. It also works as a preventitive measure.

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  • Simple yet effective. You insert the pass into the device and it's immediately set to your measurements and level.

  • Because of the advanced technique, training with the Milon Circle is a lot less sensitive to injuries.

  • Because the machines are set to your level, it is even possible for me to practice injury-free.

  • A complete workout, including a shower in just 1 hour. Happy Bodies has made sports (also for me) fun & effective.

  • A complete work-out for all muscle groups in only 2 laps on the Milon Circle.

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