SLIMdiet now available at Happy Bodies!

We believe a diet only works when it fits your life. Hence we work with SLIMdiet. This succesful diet is aimed at losing weigth responsibly without you craving for food. The diaticians of SLIMdiet create tasty meals packed with protein. Those meals give you a full stomach en assure you lose weight in the right places. You won't loose any lean mass, only fat. Choose to loose weight easily and resposibly. Together with SLIMdiet we prove it is possible. 


This is how SLIMdiet works

SLIMdiet consists of 36 delicious meals of which you can choose out of, for only €2,20 a meal. Along with that you'll be personally guided and you follow a roadmap that's proven to be succesful. You'll start with 5 SLIMdiet meals a day, so you will change to a healthy lifestyle. Every step is described clearly in the manual. You'll know exactly what to do, how much weight you should lose and the time it takes. 


Try it for yourself

We believe in the method of SLIMdiet. However we want YOU to be convinced and enthusiastic of its importance and the benefits it can have for you. You're the one to start with this all along. That's why SLIMdiet has made a box which contains all 36 meals from its product range. More than enough to try it for a week, get to know your favourites and notice the positive change it will have on your body. The box is exclusively available at Happy Bodies for only €59,99

Don't hesitate to visit us, your box is ready to use.


Happy Bodies is ready for you!

Losing weight is about you. But you don't have to do it alone! Happy Bodies helps you by giving advise, guide you personally and motivate you. Together we create a personal plan for you and follow your progress closely. Are you ready to say goodbye to your excess fat? Don't hesitate to visit one of our clubs to get to know more about SLIMdiet, or visit their site: 






The succesful formula of Happy Bodies & SLIMdiet

 The best personal guidance
 A Clear and effective roadmap
 Easy to persist
 Tasty and varied meals

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Happy Bodies works together with SLIMdiet. SLIMdiet is a successful weight loss method aimed at responsible weight loss. Do you want to know more about SLIMdiet and how it can help you? Please contact one of our Happy Bodies locations.

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