Frequently Asked Questions About Happy Bodies 

1. Can I take a free trial lesson?

At the 1st appointment, everyone receives a personal introductory meeting and tour of the club. This way you can see if the club appeals to you. Discuss which goals you want to achieve and we explain how we can best help you. The introductory meeting with guided tour is of course completely free! 

2. If I am a member of Happy Bodies, can I also exercise at other locations?

Ofcourse! If you are a member of 1 Happy Bodies, you are a member of the entire Happy Bodies Family and you can exercise at all our locations throughout the Netherlands without having to pay extra. Ideal if you work elsewhere or are away for a weekend and still want to exercise. See locations.

3. Does Happy Bodies have monthly cancellable memberships?

Yes! We offer FLEX memberships that can be canceled per month and also for a longer period, which then become cheaper! Find out which membership suits you best at our rate page. 

4. Do you also pay a registration fee when registering?

You can now temporarily work out at Happy Bodies without registration fees or other one-time costs. That's so Happy and that's how you start as cheap as possible! 

5. I would like to change my sports appointment or personal intake. Who should I be with?

It is easiest to pass this on by telephone at the location where you have the appointment. See locations. 

6. Can I also work out with a tax advantage at Happy Bodies through my work?

Yes! Happy Bodies works together with BedrijfsfitnessNederland, BedrijfsfitnessOnline, High Five Fitness Network or Holland Fit. Ask your employer who they are affiliated with and exercise at a discount! 

7. What are the opening hours of the Happy Bodies clubs?

Check our opening hours per location on the club page and click on the location

8. When is the membership administration available?

The membership administration can be reached 7 days a week by mail ( and by telephone from Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 13.00 on 088 789 99 99. 

9. Do you also have an app?

Yes, only really for your membership. with our Sportivity app you can manage your membership and you have insight into your finances.

10. Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, you can freeze your membership in the event of a medical absence, pregnancy or long-term vacation. All we need for this is a medical statement or proof. 

11. I am moving, can I cancel my membership?

How exciting, you are moving! If you move to a place where Happy Bodies is not located within a radius of 15 km, you can terminate your membership with a calendar month's notice. All we need is a proof of registration from the new municipality where you will be living.

12. Can I change my membership to another membership?

Yes, that's possible. You can always convert your membership to a membership with a longer period. The advantage of this is that you will always pay less. You can easily do this at the club with the tablet.

13. How can I cancel my membership?

What unfortunate that you want to stop exercising! You can cancel with us in the following 2 ways: in the club via the tablet or by post to the address of the club where you have registered. 




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  • Simple yet effective. You insert the pass into the device and it's immediately set to your measurements and level.

  • Because of the advanced technique, training with the Milon Circle is a lot less sensitive to injuries.

  • Because the machines are set to your level, it is even possible for me to practice injury-free.

  • A complete workout, including a shower in just 1 hour. Happy Bodies has made sports (also for me) fun & effective.

  • A complete work-out for all muscle groups in only 2 laps on the Milon Circle.

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