A unique way to stay Fit: The Milon Cirkel

Do you want to start exercising to lose weight or to get fit?  Do you want to do this in a safe and nice environment? Do you keep postponing taking that first step to joining a gym? Happy Bodies has a Solution for you : The Milon Circle!

You can watch a short introductory film here or you can click for More Information.

The Benefits of Training with the Milon Cirkel:

  • You work out only twice in ten days for 35 minutes each training session
  • It is an alternative to an ordinary sport school/gym
  • You spend a maximum of 1 or 4 minutes on the same machine
  • Safe Exercising with Fully Automated Machines
  • Complimentary: Functional Training with your own body weight

Claim 1 of 30 Free Milon Circle Monthcards!

Happy Bodies has a special offer for our New Members; one months Milon Circle for Free! We would like the opportunity to convince you that this way of exercising is Meant for You! Fill in your name, e-mail and telephone number and stake your claim and avail of our offer! We will contact you to make an appointment.

Attention: Due to limited capacity the free month's Milon Cirkel is only available for a certain time period, online and for a maximumn number of 30 people only.

  • Simple yet effective. You insert the pass into the device and it's immediately set to your measurements and level.

  • Because of the advanced technique, training with the Milon Circle is a lot less sensitive to injuries.

  • Because the machines are set to your level, it is even possible for me to practice injury-free.

  • A complete workout, including a shower in just 1 hour. Happy Bodies has made sports (also for me) fun & effective.

  • A complete work-out for all muscle groups in only 2 laps on the Milon Circle.

Miranda Gerard Martha Richard Selma

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