Fitness in just 35 minutes at Happy Bodies Noordwijk, the alternative voor de ordinary gym!

At Happy Bodies Noordwijk you'll get fit again in just 35 minutes per training and you are guaranteed to get peronsal coaching. Happy Bodies Noordwijk is the alternative for the ordinary gym. It is for everybody who does want to get fit, yet doesn't have the time, nor the required effort it takes in an ordinary gym to get fit and slim. 

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Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 07:30 - 13:00  
  16:00 - 21:30 
Saturday & Sunday: 08:00 - 13:00


Exceptional opening hours

Happy Bodies is closed on the following (parts of the) days:

  • New Year's Day
  • First Easterday
  • Second Easterday evening (open during the morning)
  • King's Day (open during the morning)
  • Ascension Day evening (open during the morning)
  • Whit Sunday
  • Whit Monday evening (open during the morning)
  • Christmas Eve (open during the morning)
  • First Christmas Day
  • Second Christmas Day
  • New Year's Eve (open during the morning)


"Simple, yet effective. The machine reads your card and it automatically is set to your personal size and level." Miranda

Contactinfo Happy Bodies Noordwijk

Kerkstraat 17
2201 KK Noordwijk


 KvK: 76504085
 VAT: NL003090229B46


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Happy Bodies Noordwijk is the alternative for the ordinary gym. With Happy Bodies Noordwijk you'll get fit in just 35 minutes per training, always personal coaching. Get to know Happy Bodies with Flex per Month. Want to know which program fits you best and its rates? Do the Milon Check and discover our rates.

  • Simple yet effective. You insert the pass into the device and it's immediately set to your measurements and level.

  • Because of the advanced technique, training with the Milon Circle is a lot less sensitive to injuries.

  • Because the machines are set to your level, it is even possible for me to practice injury-free.

  • A complete workout, including a shower in just 1 hour. Happy Bodies has made sports (also for me) fun & effective.

  • A complete work-out for all muscle groups in only 2 laps on the Milon Circle.

Miranda Gerard Martha Richard Selma